Storytime with Santa, November - December 2019

Storytime with Santa was an immersive theatrical experience for local families and children at Fremlin Walk. We hosted 11 dates between 30th November and 24th December with 6 performances per day. In each performance, Santa was joined by his trusty Elf, Sparkle, and read magical stories to families.

Key Points

  • We transformed an empty unit into a winter wonderland cabin with red drapes, fairy lights, a fireplace, giant nutcrackers, Santa’s throne, present sacks, a Christmas tree, Christmas decorations, cushions and throws for children to sit on and chairs for parents.
  • Storytime with Santa was free to attend and was organised through a bespoke online booking form where customers could pre-book their session.
  • Autism friendly sessions were organised each day and proved very popular. There was no queuing, low lighting, a lower music volume and a smaller group of children to help create a calmer atmosphere for autistic shoppers.


  • December sales in the gifting category increased by 6.9% YoY
  • Event engagement increased by 89% YoY
  • 9% of website users converted to event attendees
  • The Fremlin Walk website attracted 25% more visitors YoY from the primary catchment
  • PR Value increased by £36,820 (+44%) YoY
  • Social engagement increased by 17% YoY
  • 100% positive feedback from autism friendly sessions, with parents commenting it had transformed the Christmas experience for their children.

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