What and When

Effective social media advertising and content strategy generation and delivery is a key part of our service offering at FrogBox.

We are registered with all UK national retailers and receive content for dissemination across relevant shopping centres in our portfolio. We also link in directly to regional and local retailers to ensure their messages are delivered effectively to our audiences.

But that’s just part of the process. We create bespoke photographic, animated, and video content for shopping centres throughout the United Kingdom.

By continuously reviewing the impact of different types of content, we can hone individual strategies to ensure maximum engagement and deliver meaningful benefits for retailers.

Cwmbran Centre is an excellent example of this process. By completing A and B testing for paid advertising and monitoring organic engagement of unpaid posts, we can fully understand the type of content the centres customers want to see.

Cwmbran Centre
Cwmbran Centre

Key Points

  • Paid A&B testing
  • Monitoring organic engagement
  • Deliver bespoke content to suit specific target audiences
  • Drive website visits to extended blog posts
  • Proactive national, regional, and local tenant liaison


  • Instagram organic engagement up 249.12%
  • Facebook organic engagement up 51.26%

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