Nurturing Talent

For the last 15 years, we at FrogBox have committed to providing work experience for students from local schools and colleges. We wholeheartedly believe that it is our responsibility to nurture the next generation of marketers. More recently, we have delivered bespoke lectures in schools to inspire creative thinking and motivate students who may be considering a career in the industry. On occasion, we have created roles for the students we’ve met during this process, helping them get a foot on the ladder to an amazing and fulfilling career.

We like to give student an insight into the real workings of a full-service marketing communications agency. There are no tea making duties here. We know we’ve done a good job when we receive positive feedback from students in our care.

Below is an insight into awesome Anna’s experience that we’d like to share.

Hi my name is Anna! I am a college student and I study business studies and creative media.

I had the amazing opportunity to do my work experience at FrogBox Marketing. The team have been very welcoming towards me this week and have given me a good insight into how a marketing department works.

Neeki has taught me how to create and design websites by showing me new websites I can use to develop my ideas, such as google fonts and adobe colours. Neeki has also helped me develop my skills in creating mood boards for different companies.

Emma and Lili have shown me how to create Instagram reels for shopping centres such as St Nicholas shopping centre and The Spires. They allowed me to use videos and images they have taken in the centre and create reels using Canva. They have also helped me develop my writing skills by letting me write blogs for various websites for their July summer newsletters.

Gayle has helped me with creating blogs and helped me understand everything I would do during my work experience. She has also helped me develop my analytical skills by setting me tasks to compare different social media pages.

Steve and Jane have been very welcoming and have shown me you can have fun in a work environment whilst also being professional.

The whole FrogBox team have helped me expand my knowledge about marketing which encourages me to continue of this path of working in the marketing industry in the future. They have inspired me to be more creative and more confident with expressing my thoughts and feelings in a professional environment.

I am very grateful for this opportunity; it was great to meet this awesome team and I have learnt a huge amount.