Let’s get Phygital!

Harnessing the power of digital media for destinations is no longer confined to the size of your Facebook following.

Even top end engagement isn’t the be-all and end-all of destination marketing.

As with many things, us creatives and marketers like to switch things up a little, to push the envelope, to think outside of the box and run the resultant blue sky thinking up the flagpole. Only then will we have our ducks in a row.


Seriously though, what if we turn the digital concept around? After all, how can we be sure that our superb engagement is turning into pounds that wind up in tills?

By merging the physical environment with the digital (phygital, get it?) we can create truly immersive experiences, utilising the technology that sits in our pockets, in a retail or leisure environment.

So let’s start the consumer’s digital journey at the venue.

We then have the ability to surprise and delight customers while encouraging them to move around locations interacting with each other, old school style.

By utilising a location to apply a digital concept that encourages visits and enables us to push offers and promotions that are easy to redeem in real time, we can offer something that e-commerce can’t; an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

As part of a detailed placemaking strategy, we believe this really is the way forward. That’s not to say that online engagement is on the way out, far from it. Phygital activations are powerful tactical drivers designed to create an undeniable link between digital activity to cash and tills; they always, however, work best as part of your extended comms strategy.

Call us if you’d like to discuss how phygital campaigns can work for you.