Trend appoints FrogBox Marketing to redevelop its expansive digital presentation collateral

Trend Control Systems Ltd is a global company based in the United Kingdom. It is an independent entity of the Automation and Control Solutions business of Honeywell and it is a wholly owned subsidiary of Honeywell since 2005, when its parent company Novar plc was acquired.

The company manufactures building management systems for HVAC companies, and operates in over 50 countries. In the UK, Trend has the largest installed system base of any brand.

Trend's products include controllers, supervisor software, valves and actuators, sensors and motor controllers. They are installed via a network of system integrators in non-residential buildings, including schools, hospitals, leisure centres, office blocks, shops and factories.

FrogBox worked within existing brand guidelines to develop a new digital presentation style for the company’s corporate, sales, workshop and report presentations.

“This is a great ongoing project for FrogBox Marketing,” explained Piero Barba “We created a new presentation style that is cohesive across the various territories that Trend is active in. We now support various departments within the company to generate ‘on-brand’ presentations.”


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